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Providing of comic viewer for EPUB format from the spring of 2011
- Comics of Shueisha's weekly SHONEN JUMP can be read through our providing viewer on "Yahoo! Comic" -

16th December,2010

Realize Mobile Communications Corp.

Realize Mobile Communications Corp.(Location:Minato-ku,Tokyo,CEO:Masato Sakatani,”Realize Mobile”),the group company of Softbank develop the viewer on which the comics of EPUB(Electronic Publication) format can be read,and will provide it officially from the next spring.

EPUB’s character is open-format and its format’s ebook file can be produced relatively easily.This is different from the other ebook formats which ebook publishing companies adopted before.Moreover,EPUB is adopted as the file format of viewer applications on smart phones,tablet devices,and ebook readers.It is predicted that the number of EPUB books not only of ebook publishing companies but of self produce by amateur will be increasing,and EPUB will become more popular.

Realize Mobile judged the demand for the viewer for EPUB will be higher with the accelerating expand of ebook market,so will start providing it.Our viewer’s main feature is that it can play the effect and move which is defined for each comic scene.Users can enjoy the unique experience of ebook which is different from paper books.

Realize Mobile’s viewer is adopted on the Yahoo! JAPAN’s providing service,”Yahoo!Comic” on which users can read the downloaded comics.The Shueisha’s providing comics of weekly SHONEN JUMP can be read on the viewer from the next spring.Ahead of the viewer’s official providing,it is demonstrated on iPhone and iPad in the Jump festival 2011,is held in 18th and 19th of this December.

Realize Mobile will be trying to expand the supporting devices of the viewer and ebook channel which adopt it.Futhermore,we’ll keep broadening providing area of our comic services abroad.

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