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Starting to deliver the mobile e-comics of Japanese famous titles in Taiwan
- Delivery of the famous titles "ONE PIECE","NARUTO","DRAGON BALL" to Far EasTone,the major mobile operator in Taiwan -

6th October,2009

Realize Mobile Communications Corp.

From 6th October Realize Mobile Communications Corp.(Location:Minato-ku,Tokyo,CEO:Masato Sakatani,”Realize Mobile”),the group company of Softbank starts to deliver the Japanese famous comic titles to Far EasTone Telecommunications(Location:Nei Hu District, Taipei,Vice Chairman & President:Jan Erik Nilsson,”Far EasTone”) which is the major mobile operator in Taiwan,as the official contents service of them.

In Taiwan,the mobile phone’s ownership rate is over 100%,and the shift to 3G network is rapidly occurred.Also the Japanese comics are very popular.So with the spread of 3G network,there are higher demand for Japanese e-comics service for mobile devices.

In this market environment,Realize Mobile deliver 24*1 famous Japanese comics(“ONE PIECE”,”NARUTO”,”DRAGON BALL”,”DEATH NOTE”,”HANA-YORI DANGO” of Shueisha,”HAPPY MANIA” of Shodensha,and so on).It’s the first mobile bookstore which mainly delivers the Japanese famous titles in Taiwan.And we will make users easily read the comics by providing the viewer application of Bitway in which several file formats can be read.And we will operate the bookstore,using the knowledge of the operation of the large scale mobile e-comic bookstore in Japan.

We provide the monthly charging course(60NT$≒170YEN*2) and the charging per file course.The monthly members can download the wallpapers for free.All users can read part of the 1st file for free.

Realize Mobile try to deliver the mobile e-comics to another operators,so that more users in Taiwan can enjoy our service.And we’ll provide our service in the other areas of Asia,including China.

  • *1As of 6th October,2009.The number of titles will be increased.
  • *2Referring to the exchange rate in 30th September,2009.

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Information Charge the monthly charging course and the charging per file course
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NARUTO ©1999 by Masashi Kishimoto/SHUEISHA Inc.
ONE PIECE©1997 by Eiichiro Oda/SHUEISHA Inc.
DEATH NOTE©2003 by Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata/SHUEISHA Inc.
THE PRINCE OF TENNIS©1999 by Takeshi Konomi/SHUEISHA Inc.

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