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Expanding the mobile e-comics service of Japanese famous titles in Taiwan
- By starting to deliver to "Chunghwa Telecom" and "Taiwan Mobile",we can become to cover the 3 major operators -

21st December,2009

Realize Mobile Communications Corp.

From 21st December Realize Mobile Communications Corp.(Location:Minato-ku,Tokyo,CEO:Masato Sakatani,”Realize Mobile”),the group company of Softbank starts to deliver the Japanese famous comic titles to one of the major mobile operators,Taiwan Mobile (Location:Taipei City, Chairman:Richard Tsai),as the official contents service of them.

Realize Mobile provided the service to Far EasTone Telecommunications(Location:Nei Hu District, Taipei,Vice Chairman & President:Jan Erik Nilsson) from 6th October,2009 and to Chunghwa Telecom(Location:Taipei City,Chairman:Shyue-Ching Lu) from 16th Novemeber,2009.So now Realize Mobile can cover 90%* of all mobile subscribers in Taiwan.

Realize Mobile are delivering “ONE PIECE”,”DRAGON BALL”,”HANA-YORI DANGO” of Shueisha,”HAPPY MANIA” of Shodensha,and so on.We add the new titles,including very popular titles “KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN!”,”BLEACH” of Shueisha,and the number of delivering titles become 38.We plan to keep adding such titles for delivery in Taiwan.

Realize Mobile try to increase the quality and quantity of this mobile e-comics service.And we’ll provide our service in another areas of Asia,including China.

  • *Referring to the data of Taiwan’s each mobile operator’s homepage

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