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EBook Solution

The feature, achievement and overseas distribution of our ebook solution.

About the feature of our ebook distribution solution.

We can provide the following three things all which are necessary to start up ebook services.

Three things necessary to starat up ebook services

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Viewer application supporting EPUB 3.0, multi-OS and Japanese high standard DRM.

Our viewer applicaiton supports EPUB 3.0, international specification for ebook. it can analysis metadata and content data in an EPUB 3.0 file and shows the content optimally.
Of course, it also supports iOS, Android, Windows PC and Mac and has already been available commercially.
In addition, our DRM (digital rights management) is approved by Japanese major publishers who have many popular and famous Japanese comics. Inspite of such a high standard DRM, our viewer provides end users with good utility.


Distribution server which encrypts EPUB files and manages sales and access data to ebooks.

We can make EPUB files from image files or PDF provided by publishers. And then, our distribution server encrypts those EPUB files by applying each a content-key.
When an user read an ebook, our server distributes both of the encrypted EPUB file and content-key by the request of the viewer application.
The price of our distribution server is reasonable according to data usage due to using Cloud server service, too. In addition, our server can manage sales and access data in real-time.


Making a contract with Japanese major publishers.

We can help you to make a contract with Japanese major publishers for distribution licence because we have a good relationship with them due to many ebook projects. We can also consult for operating ebook stores or its promotion.


The achievement of our ebook projects.

We have taken a role as an application developer, contents provider, operator of ebook stores, wholesale bookseller, strategic business partner and consultant in many ebook projects. We can help you from a variety of perspective and provide our solution as you need.


Some of our projects were issued as a news release as follows. *Sorry, Japanese only.

Oversea distribution of our ebook solution

We have gone ahead with overseas projects, especially in Asia like Taiwan and China. Even in overseas, we can apply Japanese EPUB format and our distribution solution to your services.

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EPUB is a registered trademark of the International Digital Publishing Forum.
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